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Bay City, MI and the surrounding areas

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Payroll calculation

Accurate payroll processing

Time-Saving Payroll and IT Assistance

You can delegate your payroll management duties to RF Murray & Company and free up your time for other priorities. Taxes and finances are our specialties, so we stay abreast of any laws and regulations that would affect them. Put your time to the best use and let us handle the mundane stuff!

Focus on your strengths

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Let us help you find ways to make more out of your money!

Get IT assistance with your payroll system.

Hiring us for your payroll tasks will let you focus on your strength, whether it is sales, product development, or facility expansion.


We can also help you develop, maintain, and fine-tune your commercial information technology system. We have over 60 years of experience in the accounting business and are knowledgable in many types of Accounting software.


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