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We're a locally owned business

Valuable Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry

Every industry has its own regulations and tax laws. The gas and oil industry may have the most complex regulations of all. RF Murray & Company has many years of experience with the oil and gas industry. We can assist you with joint interest billing and revenue accounting compliance.

Revenue distribution services

  • Issuing monthly revenue checks to working interest, royalty and overriding royalty recipients

  • Preparation of monthly severance tax returns

  • Issuance of monthly and year-end reports

  • Completion of federal, state, and local 1099s

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RF Murray opened its doors in 1952!

Bay City's gas and oil industry tax experts!

We have the expertise and the experience to help your business with tax planning and income tax preparation within the oil and gas industry's complex tax environment.


Years in the accounting business

Get federal return including e-filing and state returns at no extra charge.